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Hello, you have likely found your way to my website because you are struggling with the feelings that you are experiencing. Perhaps you’re anxious, distressed, depressed, angry, grieving, suffering from low self-esteem or lack of confidence. Any of these feelings or a combination of them, can make life hard and unbearable at times.

All feelings are natural human emotions experienced individually by everyone. The most crucial part of the process is that you have recognised the need to seek support by talking to a counsellor, like me, about how you are feeling. You are seeking to better understand your situation and gain some insight on how to better deal with these issues, emotions and life challenges in the future.


I can help you better understand and therefore deal with your emotions so that you can navigate your way through – and beyond them.


You can get in touch with me by telephone, text or email for a confidential conversation at a time that works best for you. Counselling sessions take place in a confidential, empathic and non-judgmental space where you are free and safe to share your feelings and thoughts.

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